The End of the World

Beautiful Lies.

An article on the Toronto Sun dated May 10, 2011 writes an article about a group of people who have recently been putting up signs of a specific date and time at which the world will end.

The article starts: If you haven't heard, the world ends May 21. It goes on thinly disguising the assertions that it will, then casually mentions a website (no link? it's 2011, it's not like you haven't ever heard of SEO).

Anyway, the first time I visit, there is a book about "God's final witness". I navigate away to write how it had been very interesting to see that the book was specifically targeted to Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Seems like the God of Abraham has something to say, but only to those who believe exists.

So I go back to the site to take a screenshot for this post, to find an additional book, this one without any religious reference nor specific date.

Okay, so if you believe it will happen, it will. Otherwise it will still happen but no date is given.

No wonder some people fall squarely and some don't. It just depends on if you look at this and believe it or if you question it, just like horoscopes.