We don't need any money!

We just have to find someone that wants to do what we want done.

Some people plumb for fun.
Some people fix cars for fun.
Some people cater for plants for fun.
Some people make all sorts of things for fun.
Some people write programs for fun.

Probably few people clean toilets for fun, but then again most of us crap inside most of the time.

Seriously. Who says I?


Happiness: straight ahead

Apparently no one has bothered to find the formula for happiness. Here it is:

1. Make yourself see everything positively.
2. You will have mostly positive memories.
3. Things that happen to you in the future have a bigger chance of reminding you of positive things, since that's what you remember.
4. Rinse and repeat.

This might sound overly simplistic, but you have nothing to lose by trying and a whole lot to win.

The key lies in the present. This is why we hear over and over how the present is all what matters and how we have to live in the present: It's because it's our perspective on the present what defines our memories. Positive perspectives beget positive memories.

To put it in another way: if someone often makes you laugh, smile and have a good time, what would your opinion of this person be in general?

How do you like people to greet you? Why don't you greet everyone that way?

Make everyone feel special and everyone will think you are special.