Is Earth just a big computer?

Assume it is. What are the consequences of assuming this?

First of all, we would have to wonder what is the purpose of our computation. What is the question? (or questions). This then implies that we have a purpose. However, it doesn't imply that there is a higher being that made or programmed us. After all, wouldn't this mean that this higher being, is in fact, not as intelligent as the computer that it created to answer what it cannot by itself?


So let's assume that it's a self-replicating computer, that it either gets the answer or it needs to construct a more powerful computer that does, ad infinitum. Eventually, we have to assume that there is a computer that does figure out the ultimate question, otherwise this post gets boring pretty fast.

So for the purpose of not being boring, what happens after the ultimate computer figures out the ultimate question? It needs to convey the answer to all the computers that created it, as that is its purpose, thus, every computer communicates to its creator what the answer is, back to the origin.

Then what? All computers cease to have any use, especially since the ultimate question has been answered (and thus all questions).

If our planet were indeed the creation of a being wanting to know an answer, and assuming that we like our Earth as is, we would have to keep it a secret and just pretend we're computing away, or risk obsolescence and ultimately death. Some would say that the certainty of having no purpose in life would indeed spell certain death, while others would argue that life is worth living even without a purpose.

I would be in the second school of thought. There needs to be no purpose, no fulfillment of any sort of tasks or dreams, for a person to enjoy the moments that make up our lives. Furthermore, I wouldn't keep it a secret. I'm pretty sure that if it makes no difference then there is no harm in keeping the playground, much like nostalgics keep their old computers around and play with their Ataris.

On the other hand, if this computer does become redundant and is scheduled for... well, not even recycling, then I'm sure I won't care since I won't be able to complain. You don't get to complain if you don't exist.

Alright, back to computing for me until I or someone else finds The Answer (and The Question)... actually, the answer is 42, right?