Electron "point" is a standing quantum wave

Ok, that might be a stretch: it either is or it's not or maybe it depends on how you look at it.
However, there's certainly something very attractive about an idea, such as standing quantum waves, with the potential to change the way we currently understand reality. After all, reality is perceived but ideas must be understood.

Check out these animations of sound waves radiated by simple sources (spherical wave animations). Then head over to see these hydrogen atom orbitals (electron cloud).

Whatever the universe/multiverse/everything is made of and whichever rules or heuristics it follows, it must be possible to increase our knowledge of it by reformulating the known rules into more general, more encompassing rules. After all, complexity emerges from simplicity not the other way around.

What will the world paradigm be like in 100 years? 1000 years? certainly not what we teach in schools. Most of us are even unaware of how archaic those views are, and our world view is largely based on what we learned a bunch of years ago.

Interestingly, not many of us ponder the validity of these paradigms. Archaic or not, it is also true that they are irrelevant for the pursuit of happiness, as happiness is readily available in the present. Perhaps everything stems from the simplicity, perfection and infinite potential happiness of the present?