Laying Creationism to Rest

Those who know me personally might think that either I'm joking or I've finally flipped the switch to "crazy": Creationism is real, and whomever intends to live in a peaceful world must learn to accept this as a fact. However, creationist's story is not the full story.

The problem with Intelligent Design (ID) is that it implies the existence of a supernatural superior being capable of architecting every aspect of the known universe. Note that by definition, an unknown universe does not exist.

The problem that scientific minds have with this idea, is that it robs us of the idea of free will and individual creativity, as it would imply that everything good (and bad) was someone else's idea and not our own. This is certainly very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, both sides can coexist peacefully provided there are some clarifications:

Higher intelligence is the result of emergence just like our bodies are the result of cell specialization, not just a separate entity superior and independent to its constituents. This is the central tenet of any religion: we are part of a whole. As such, what scientists oppose is the idea of "someone else" who just happens to know a lot more than anyone else. This is the core of the problem.

This superior being is nothing other than the emergence of an orchestrated system, compounded by the will and actions of every single entity in the universe.

We are all intelligent designers, albeit not perfect. Please stop referring to God as some bearded dude that nobody knows. That's not what the holy books say at all. God is all of us and nobody in particular. Get over it, carry on, and start helping in making this world a place we all want to live in.